Tuesday, March 29


It is so good to write this entry to all of you, tonight. It really is. Well, I'm going to slow things down (how's my new layout?? is it great?? credit tu daliladiyana)But before I get started, I wanna get something off my chest. Okay, First I want to say how proud I am of being part of my family right now. To come together how we have through all these hard times is really beautiful to watch, seriously. First off, I'm so proud with my parents. They were my backbone and always be with me all the time. Next, I'm gonna say how proud I am for being as a younger brother to my two big sisters.. Oh my Gosh! They are so adorable.. :) next, I wanna say thank you to all of my wonderful friends (syafiq, meezy, ariff, the src's mouseketeers, teman2 serumah, pok2, my NAUGHTY SISTER AYU HASSAN, abg2 and kakak2ku) (not forgetting to my adik2: DD,Asif,Pojie,Acai,hayyan,tieha,iskandar,amar,eman,dyna adrianna,deena,baby attiqa,aliaa maisarah and ramai lagi) You guys are so wonderful. And last but not least I wanna say how I'm proud of being as someone to ahza syafiq. You are the wonderful things that ever happens to me..

I just wanted to say that I know it's because all of the hard work you guys do and the sacrifices you make that give me the freedom to do what I love to do so, I want to thank you guys. Okay, I feel better now. I had to get that off my chest.

I know I get a lot of flack for what I wear, what I say and what I don't say but I'm not a little boy anymore. And I guess I do those things because the way I feel inside and also know that I'm a young man and I have a lot to experience and a lot to learn and I guess, what I'm trying to say is the way I feel right now inside, I feel so wonderful because I'm doing exactly what I love to do and I'm experiencing all of my wildest dreams and my advice to you is to never ever lose your passion to dreams, please don't.

okay I'm gotta stop rambling.. HAHA!
I love you guys..
well, happy birthday to me! ^^